a watched pot never boils. a watched concert boils so fast that your soul evaporates and then you die

Finsbury Park 2014 - Full Audio


The memories!

Finsbury Park…. I just… I…

I want to go back :(


The Last Shadow Puppets ride again

Loved this!

Thematic music #easter #pattismith

Thematic music #easter #pattismith


WATCH: Arabella, official video

Video for Arabella!! Parental Advisory probably refers to Alex’ dance moves…


I’m just glad it was a microphone. it wouldn’t have been very badass if he said “Invoice me for the podium” and then struggled for 30 seconds before Nick finally helped him tip it over

“Invoice me for the microphone if you have to.”
Alex Turner, before he dropped the microphone  (via arcticmonkeysus)